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The Half-Day – Cape Town Township Tour is a safe way to experience an eye-opening facet of the Mother City.

Firstly, the Cape Town Township Tour will guide you through the infamous District Six, where you will visit the museum which illustrates the sad story of a deported population during the Forced Removal Policies of the Apartheid Era. The experience is uplifting and humbling, providing a better understanding of Cape Town.

Great Sunset on the Township

Secondly, the tour will take you into the “Cape Flats” – nicknamed for its 20 kilometre stretch of land, situated south-east of Cape Town between Table Bay and False Bay – originally the Apartheid Regime’s dumping ground. The “Cape Flats” is divided into 4 main areas of which you will discover 2: Langa (the oldest informal settlement) and Khayelitsha (the largest Township).

Your local guide will help you discover the past, the present and the future of Cape Town. You’ll also have the chance to enjoy local delicacies as well as traditional dancing, healers, visit local schools, charismatic churches and shebeens where you’ll have a chance to sample the local beer as well as have many other fascinating things to see and do. The people you meet on your township tour will leave you with a new appreciation of the South African philosophy of ‘Ubuntu’, as they share a bit of insight into daily life in the townships of Cape Town.


  • District Six, District Six Museum (closed on Sundays)
  • Langa (oldest formal Township)
  • Community School / Crèche
  • Shebeen (Option to taste traditional beer)
  • Khayelitsha (largest Township)
  • Meet Township Entrepreneurs
  • Charismatic Church service (Sunday mornings)
DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION At your accommodation in Cape Town (hotel, guesthouse, …)
DEPARTURE TIME MORNING : between 8:00 and 9:00
AFTERNOON : between 13:00 and 14:00
RETURN TIME MORNING : approximately 12:30
AFTERNOON : approximately 17:30
Registered Tour Guide
Transport in Air-conditioned vehicle
Welcome drinks
Extra drinks

Please, note that there are not Township Tours on Sunday afternoon.
This tour will not be available on the 25th and 31st of December as well as the 1st of January.


District Six & District Six Museum

District Six is a former residential area where about 60,000 people lived. It’s famous because of the deportation of its coloured population in the aim of destroying the area in the 1960’s-1970’s, during Apartheid.
Nowadays, the District Six Museum pays tribute to this population. It’s located in the former Methodist Mission Church where you can find pictures and moving testimonies. On a big board, inhabitants highlighted the place of their home and wrote touching words about what they remember from their neighbourhood. These beautiful memories make it seem all the more real, given how recent the event was. It’s really a sobering visit, especially after getting a historical context at the beginning of the tour.
Do not hesitate to ask your questions as the staff will be delighted to answer. Asking questions will also give you an opportunity to appreciate the friendliness of South African people.


Langa was established in 1927 to host Black Africans long before Apartheid. The name comes from a famous rainmaker, jailed at the end of the 19th Century on Robben Island for rebelling against the government. The high point of this tour will certainly be visiting the famous Charismatic Church, especially if you arrive in the middle of a Gospel choir rehearsal.


In Xhosa, Khayelitsha means “New Home”. Many residents from District Six and other areas have been removed and relocated here by the government during Apartheid. Today, the population is estimated at more than 405,000 people, making it the largest township of Cape Town. It really looks like a city within the city. Meeting its welcoming inhabitants brings you insight into the core of South African history and gives you a fuller picture of the country.

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25th November 2016

Visitors who take this tour often genuinely care and are interested in knowing more about the people they meet and the places they see.

Cape Town has many different faces and this one is one of it’s most vibrant and hidden.

This is not only a township tour but a history and social lesson that examines the implications of this country’s former laws.

Here is why I recommend this tour:

Even if it’s only a little, some money does enter the community, whether through the purchase of art or souvenirs. This trickle-down economy is bound to be better than picking through trash.

The tour changes perceptions of poverty by putting a face to it and showing visitors that however poor, people are the same everywhere and share similar thoughts and emotions.

You will get to visit and area you would never go to otherwise.

Even in the poorest areas development and innovation is taking place: this township tour showcases the economic and cultural energies of the neighbourhoods.

This will improve your understanding of poverty and of one another – and of the world at large.

25th November 2016

This is a truly eye-opening tour.

Essential to every visitor to Cape Town. Experience life in the Township while being 100% safe. There’s lots of smiles and laughters to be met, townships are a concentrate of raw humanity.

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