The whales that you’ll see on the Cape Town Whale Tour are like the guardians of the oceans. It’s incredible how many creatures rely on them. In this article we’ll be exploring 9 fantastic facts about Southern Right Whales that will blow you away. 1. They are playful At first glance, the Southern Right Whale (Eubalaena australis) is very unappealing; they are often covered in scars, due to their unexpanded skin, which is thick and wrinkled. But once you’ve engaged with one of these playful creatures, you can’t help but fall in love with them. These marvellous mammals don’t only appear to be curious and intelligent — they are too. 2. One of the largest whales Southern right whales have big heads and rounded foreheads and there is no dorsal fin on the backs of these beings. Additionally, their coloring makes them easier to spot in a crowd: they are gray or even blackish, although

 Hermanus / Southern Right Whales  Hermanus is one of the best places for you to see the magnificent Southern Right Whale in its natural habitat. These migrating whales come to the coast between June and December and can be seen swimming just a few metres from the shore. Even though you can see whales all along the Whale Coast, this place is world-renowned for its whale watching and gives you some of the best spots to see them in action. Fernkloof Nature Reserve / Hermanus Witness the nature of one of the richest biodiversities in the world at the Fernkloof Nature Reserve. There are about 1474 fynbos species that have already been identified. Perhaps you can be the one to identify new species when you go walking or hiking in the surrounding Fynbos. Antique Shopping / Hermanus If you’re on the lookout for something antique and a little more refined, look no further than Romantiques. This shop

Each year, South Africa hosts hundreds of Southern Right Whales from July to November. These impressive creatures, playful, like to surprise us every time. The best spot to see them is Hermanus, in Western Cape, only 2 hours away from Cape Town on the beautiful coastal road. If you get a chance to do a Whale Route Tour this winter, see the behaviours of whales to look for in the Indian Ocean. Breaching It is one of the most spectacular behaviours to watch and involves a whale leaping clear of the wather and then landing again with an anormous splash. Scientists think that this behaviour could either be a form of courtship display, a means of communication or for the shear exuberance of the act. Spyhopping Southern Right Whales occasionally raise their heads vertically above the surface so that their eyes clear the water, sometimes rotating slowly as they do so. It has been suggested

Have you ever dreamed to see whales? So, South Africa is the ideal country! From July to November, you can see these wonderful animals by dozens along the coast. Thanks to this tour, come to discover the Whale Route from Cape Town to Hermanus. Gaze at the wealth of the Overberg region, between botanical gardens, nature reserve, winelands and ocean, of course. STEP #1 | Gordons Bay, Pringle Bay & Bettys Bay and the Harold Porter National Botanical Garden Gordons Bay It is during the 1930’s that three investors: Harold Porter, Arthur Youldon and Jack Clarence bought lands on the False Bay west coast. They decide to call the area “Hangklip Beach Estates” that they divide into three distinct small towns: Bettys Bay, Gordons Bay and Rooiels, selling plots, here and there, to interested people. After a fire in 1940, Harold Porter decided to buy large parts of Bettys Bay to create a garden and

South Africa is well-known for Game Viewing and especially Safaris in the Kruger National Park (Take a look at our exclusive 4 Day Kruger Safari), which are ones of the best in the world to see the Big 5 (lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo). However, coming to Cape Town, you can see other animals just as remarkable on earth or in the ocean. Discover 5 places where you can see animals in Cape Town and around. Whales at Hermanus Whales are one of the most impressive animals you can find in the world. You can only find them in specific areas, mostly close to the poles. Nevertheless, if you come in South Africa between July and September, you have every chance to see some Southern Right Whales in Hermanus, one of the best spots in the world, during a wonderful tour on the Whale Route. Indeed, they leave the Antarctic Ocean once a year

Whether during the summer or the winter, the Harold Porter National Botanical Garden, along the sea coast on the Whale Route, is a must-see. Located less than 2 hours from Cape Town, this place will carry you away between tranquility and peacefulness. At the foot of three majestic mountains, the stunning scenery seems unreal. The park will show you the diversity of the South African vegetation thanks to many paths, among flowers, rivers and waterfalls. If you are lucky enough, you can even find the gardeners take care of this beautiful area. Gardening lovers, it is a fantastic opportunity to take precious advices for your own garden! In addition, if you want the same plants at home, don’t miss a stop at the Plant Sales Area next to the entrance and the Book/Souvenir Shop to know more about the South African vegetation. For the more adventurous, you can choose to do several trails in the