10 pictures of the Harold Porter National Botanical Garden on the Whale Route

Whether during the summer or the winter, the Harold Porter National Botanical Garden, along the sea coast on the Whale Route, is a must-see. Located less than 2 hours from Cape Town, this place will carry you away between tranquility and peacefulness. At the foot of three majestic mountains, the stunning scenery seems unreal. The park will show you the diversity of the South African vegetation thanks to many paths, among flowers, rivers and waterfalls.

If you are lucky enough, you can even find the gardeners take care of this beautiful area. Gardening lovers, it is a fantastic opportunity to take precious advices for your own garden! In addition, if you want the same plants at home, don’t miss a stop at the Plant Sales Area next to the entrance and the Book/Souvenir Shop to know more about the South African vegetation.

For the more adventurous, you can choose to do several trails in the mountains. It is the opportunity to be really immersed in the nature and have another view of the Harold Porter National Botanical Garden. During your walk, don’t be surprised if you meet baboons, some of them live in the area, just like many species of birds ready to go with you during the hiking.

From the entrance, the view is just amazing with this beautiful lake and the moutains at the background.


Yes, you can even see the Indian Ocean at the backgroung from the Harold Porter National Botanical Garden. It is remarkable!

For the nature lovers and the others, take a moment to contemplate the nature or have a rest after a hike.


Follow the paths, you won’t be disappointed!


The waterfall are very impressive and the water very special with its amber coloured.

Even Mother Nature makes contemporary art!


If you also want to spend a memorable moment in the nature, the Harold Porter National Botanical Garen is a must-see during a one-day trip on the Whale Route. To book a tour, contact us or click here.