Although the African penguins are famous around the world, few people realise that their home is a beautiful beach within reach of Cape Town. Boulders beach, also known as ‘The Boulders’ or ‘Boulder’s Beach’ is one of Cape Town’s most visited beaches along the Cape Peninsula and the only place in the world where you get close to African Penguins. It is one of Table Mountain National Park’s many beautiful treasures hidden away on the south-western coastline which you can explore on a Cape Peninsula Tour. How it happened A couple of these beautiful birds came to rest here in 1982 on the soft sand of Boulder’s Beach. The beach is now home to about 2 to 3000 of these pretty creatures. The African Penguin , or Spheniscus demersus, is a species of penguin native to sub-Saharan Africa. Populations are declining due to over-fishing, pollution, habitat destruction, and irresponsible tourism activities. While a much loved

If you think you’ve turned every stone in Cape Town, you’re in for a surprise. With locals and tourists hogging the main beaches around Cape Town, you’re probably wondering where you could have your own private beach? You’ve come to the right place. We’re here to tell you exactly where you can find these hidden gems in and around the Cape.   1. Diaz Beach – Cape Point Nature Reserve The Cape Point Nature Reserve is a beautiful part of the Table Mountain National Park, and is the place where you will find Diaz beach. It can be accessed by taking a hike from the parking bay of Cape Point Nature Reserve, and requires a steep walk down a wooden staircase to the beach. It is a pleasant gem which can be enjoyed by you and your family as well.   2. Water’s Edge Simon’s Town / Cape Town Beaches  This beach is so secret that we

Each year, South Africa hosts hundreds of Southern Right Whales from July to November. These impressive creatures, playful, like to surprise us every time. The best spot to see them is Hermanus, in Western Cape, only 2 hours away from Cape Town on the beautiful coastal road. If you get a chance to do a Whale Route Tour this winter, see the behaviours of whales to look for in the Indian Ocean. Breaching It is one of the most spectacular behaviours to watch and involves a whale leaping clear of the wather and then landing again with an anormous splash. Scientists think that this behaviour could either be a form of courtship display, a means of communication or for the shear exuberance of the act. Spyhopping Southern Right Whales occasionally raise their heads vertically above the surface so that their eyes clear the water, sometimes rotating slowly as they do so. It has been suggested

At the Atlantic Ocean’s edge, Cape Town offers many activities during the day and at night. However, don’t misse this magical moment between the two, when the sun set on the sea and the sky become successively orange pink and purple before give way to darkness. Discover 5 spots where you can live a magnificent sunset in Cape Town. Sunset #1: Signal Hill It is probably the most well-known place to see the sunset, and it is worth it! To find the place, you have to drive until the end of the Signal Hill Road to reach a car park. There, just in front of you, stand Lion’s Head and Table Mountain surrounding the City Bowl. On the left, you can see the Atlantic Ocean and Sea Point. It is on this side the the sun set. It progressively disapear in the sea provoking the modification of the color of the sky becoming orange, pink

Cape Town, its City Centre, malls, mountains and of course, its beaches! With the Atlantic Ocean as far as the eye can see, and even whales on the horizon during the winter, they are idyllic areas to have a rest. Don’t wait any longer and discover 5 places to go to the beach in Cape Town. Beach #1: Camps Bay Only 10 minutes away from the City Centre of Cape Town, Camps Bay is probably the most famous beach of Cape Town. Located at the foot of the Twelve Apotles Mountain Range, is is an inspiring place truly between sea and mountains. The area is lively all the day with numerous restaurants and bars along the palm-tree promenade, which probbly explain that it is a very touristic beach, especially for couples. However, local people also like to come to Camps Bay to play volley ball or simply relax after work. Indeed, it is a splendid