Where to go to the beach in Cape Town?

Cape Town, its City Centre, malls, mountains and of course, its beaches! With the Atlantic Ocean as far as the eye can see, and even whales on the horizon during the winter, they are idyllic areas to have a rest. Don’t wait any longer and discover 5 places to go to the beach in Cape Town.

Beach #1: Camps Bay



Only 10 minutes away from the City Centre of Cape Town, Camps Bay is probably the most famous beach of Cape Town. Located at the foot of the Twelve Apotles Mountain Range, is is an inspiring place truly between sea and mountains. The area is lively all the day with numerous restaurants and bars along the palm-tree promenade, which probbly explain that it is a very touristic beach, especially for couples. However, local people also like to come to Camps Bay to play volley ball or simply relax after work.

Indeed, it is a splendid spot to see the sunset on the Atlantic Ocean sipping a cocktail. During the evening and the night, a festive atmosphere reign on Camps Bay, espacially thanks to trendy clubs. To sum up, it is the perfect beach if you want to enjoy an afternoon amongst friends and go dancing after a great meal in front of the sea.

Beach #2: Clifton



Clifton is located just before Camps Bay when you come from the City Centre along the seaboard. It is actually a group of 4 beaches, listed in the National Monuments Record, which preserved them from constructions.

The first beach, the more to the north mainly hosts young people and surfers. The second one, just further, gathers students and sportsmen playing volleyball, frisbee, racket sports,… The third one is renowned to be gay-friendly. Finally, the last one, easy to reach, welcome all ages and mostly families.

Beach #3: Llandudno



Located 25-minute driving from the Cape Town City Centre, Llandudno is situated just next to Hout Bay. This 200-meters beach is icy cold, even during the summer. People mainly come to sunbathing or playing in the sand. However, the most audacious will put a wetsuit on and go surfing. It is not recommended to beginners because of the granit boulders along the beach.

Arounf the area, no shops or restaurants, only luxurious and gorgeous houses built on the hillside. And yet, people like to come for a picnic with family to enjoy this peaceful and rarely overcrowded beach, and look at the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean.

Beach #4: Muizenberg



Muizenberg, its 200-meter beach, colorful beach houses and mythical waves. It is a piece of paradise for sufers, whatever their level to try to master the Atlantic Ocean. If you want to start, it is the perfect spot. Several shops offer lessons and rent all the equipment you will need like board, wetsuit,… It is even said that is where the surf was born in South Africa!

During the summer, kids often prefer the hotter outside swimming pool or the water slide. If you prefer more quiet activities, you can still try the mini-golf or take a stroll on the seafront walkway. Whatever your choice, everybody can meet again in one of the many restaurants on front of the sea to have some coffee or a delicious meal.

Beach #5: Noordhoek



Noordhoek is the futhest beach, located 45 minutes away from Cape Town, a bit more if you choose to follow the coastal road on the west of the Cape Peninsula. However, it is also the largest thanks to its 8 kilometers with at the end, Chapman Peak. There, the wild nature has been preserved and the beach is totally surrounded by Fynbos, the typical vegetation of Cape Town.

Not really the best place for sunbathing, people prefer come to do horse riding. There, most of the local people have their own horse, but you can go to riding school for, you too, try this different way to enjoy the beach. With friends or family, it is always a memorable experience!

There are many beaches around Cape Town. Whatever your wishes, you will find the most suitable for you and live exciting moments.