Cape Town : 5 spots to catch the sunset

At the Atlantic Ocean’s edge, Cape Town offers many activities during the day and at night. However, don’t misse this magical moment between the two, when the sun set on the sea and the sky become successively orange pink and purple before give way to darkness. Discover 5 spots where you can live a magnificent sunset in Cape Town.

Sunset #1: Signal Hill

It is probably the most well-known place to see the sunset, and it is worth it! To find the place, you have to drive until the end of the Signal Hill Road to reach a car park. There, just in front of you, stand Lion’s Head and Table Mountain surrounding the City Bowl. On the left, you can see the Atlantic Ocean and Sea Point. It is on this side the the sun set. It progressively disapear in the sea provoking the modification of the color of the sky becoming orange, pink then purple before the dark. Don’t hesititate to come with your friends or your family. Children will be marveled by the show!




Sunset #2: Lion’s Head

See the sunset from the top of Lion’s Head have to be earned. Indeed, you will have to hike during 45 minutes to 1 hour to reach the top. There, you will have a panoramic view of Cape Town. It is stunning! Little bu little, the city lights will turn on to offer to the hikers a new sight with a sky full of stars. Many people also like to try it during full moon nights.
To go to see the sunset at Lion’s Head, be sure to be equipped with suitable shoes for walking, a headlamp to come back down and a jacket, especially during the winter. Also, never do this hike alone but prefer going with a group of friends or local people.




Sunset #3: Camps Bay Beach

What better way to enjoy a sunset than chilling on the beach? That is what the sunset at Camps Bay has to offer! You can choose to first spend the afternoon playing voleyball or sunbathing on the beach waiting for the famous sunset. You can also just come at the end of the day and enjoy the scenery from one of the numerous bars and restaurants along the seabord. Many of them overlook the beach and offer an even better view of the sunset. Moreover, during the winter, if you are lucky enough, you will maybe see some whale on the horizon.
Then, why not stay to enjoy the atmophere of this trendy area and spend a part of the night dancing in a club under the stars?




Sunset #4: Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

The Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden is located 20-minute driving from the Cape Town City Centre. Many South African love strolls and picnics in the garden. It is alos an excellent spot to see the sunset, especially from the Tree Canopy Walkway. At the tree-top level, the view is spectacular. On the horizon, you can catch sight of the Cape Town and see the sun disapear behind the Mother City.
During the summer, you can also go to concerts at sunset at Kirstenbosch. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the landscape and listen to good music!




Sunset #5: V&A Waterfront

The V&A Waterfront is one of the favourite destination in Cape Town. This mall offers a lot of possibilities, like enjoying the sunset in different ways… First, you can stay on the docks to see it on the horizon. Second, you can choose to rise up thanks to the Large Ferris Wheel and enjoy the sun set from the air. Finally, you can also take a sunset cruise for a 90-minute trip on the Atlantic Ocean and see the sunset with a glass of Champagne in your hand hand. It is peaceful and relaxing…




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