Top 6 Secret Beaches in Cape Town

If you think you’ve turned every stone in Cape Town, you’re in for a surprise. With locals and tourists hogging the main beaches around Cape Town, you’re probably wondering where you could have your own private beach? You’ve come to the right place. We’re here to tell you exactly where you can find these hidden gems in and around the Cape.


1. Diaz Beach – Cape Point Nature Reserve

Cape Town Beaches

The Cape Point Nature Reserve is a beautiful part of the Table Mountain National Park, and is the place where you will find Diaz beach. It can be accessed by taking a hike from the parking bay of Cape Point Nature Reserve, and requires a steep walk down a wooden staircase to the beach. It is a pleasant gem which can be enjoyed by you and your family as well.


2. Water’s Edge Simon’s Town / Cape Town Beaches 

This beach is so secret that we can’t even show you what it looks like on here. To reach this beach you’ll have to go off the beaten track. The beach may at first be mistaken for a private beach because of the garden gate that you enter by, but it isn’t! It may also be mistaken as being part and parcel of boulder’s beach but it isn’t. In fact, it lies between Boulder’s Beach and Seafortth Beach, and most people know absolutely nothing about it.


3. Sunset Beach – Blouberg / Cape Town Beaches 

Cape Town Beaches

Just a few hundred metres away from the iconic Blouberg beach, where all the crowds flock to, lies this picture perfect beach with amazing sunset views of Table Mountain in the background. Regardless of high season, people just don’t generally come her,  which makes this beach an exclusive and private getaway.


4. Platboom Beach – Cape Point Nature Reserve 

Cape Town Beaches

This is most certainly a wild beach, but not because of the people, in fact there are almost never people on this beach because of its secrecy. You’ll be able to spend the day from sunrise to sunset on this beach without seeing another soul. The parking area is separated and hidden from the dunes on this long white strip. Although swimming here isn’t dangerous, you’ll have to keep in mind that it’s such a wild beach that there aren’t any life guards to be seen.


5. Smitswinkel Bay – False Bay / Cape Town Beaches 

Cape Town Beaches

Driving past this beach about a hundred times without seeing it is common. That is exactly why it’s still seen as one of the most secret beaches in Cape Town. To get to this beach you’ll have to do quite a trek downhill which stops most people from actually frequenting it. But this secluded beauty is definitely worth the 20 minute walk down.


6. Beta Beach – Bakoven / Cape Town Beaches 

Cape Town Beaches

Although this beach might not be considered the biggest secret, it’s still definitely very secluded. The beach is generally pretty secluded and has an amazing view of Lion’s Head. So if you feel like going to a secluded sunny beach with breathtaking views after a long day of work or over a weekend with your family, this will definitely be something you should take in for yourself.