7 Different Things To Do in Cape Town

With our special list of lesser known activities and things to do in Cape Town,  you’ll be able to live your only life to the fullest, by seizing the day with quite unusual things to do around Cape Town. This is not only for tourists but for those locals who have done all of the mainstream activities, looking for something new and exciting to do. You don’t have to fly overseas to be captured by creativity, adventure and excitement. The Mother City still offers it all.

1. Japanese “ChitChat” evenings / Cape Town

The Japanese word for “ChitChat” is PechaKucha. This is a platform similar to that of ‘Ted Talks’ where people have 20 slides to share with an audience where they talk about and exchange ideas, what keeps this fun and entertaining is the fact that each speaker only gets about 20 seconds for each slide. This is an idea that was developed in Japan in 2003 and part of what makes this so special. Come prepared to be entertained, inspired and ready for new light-bulbs to switch on with regards newly generated ideas.

2. Drive to a picnic area in a Cobra / Cape Town

You’ve got to try the Cobra experience at least once in a lifetime! Especially if you get the offer to drive out and have a picnic along the way in Groot Constantia. This eight-hour tour in an open top sports car along the Cape Peninsula’s most breathtaking roads will definitely exhilarate you. Make a pitstop at Groot Constantia, South Africa’s oldest wine-making estate, to taste their wines and take in the experience of having a beautifully picturesque picnic.

3. Chef Lapo’s kitchen experience / Cape Town

Take in the authentic Italian experience with Chef Lapo in his beautiful home in Observatory. Creating magnificent and traditional dishes that have been passed down to him by his mother, you won’t want to go home. The Chef Lapo experience isn’t just about the mouth-watering food, but also about the dining experience with all the bells and whistles. Chef Lapo gives his guests the perfect introduction to each course with stunning entertainment that flows through from his explanation of the methods he uses, the ingredients as well as exactly how he prepares each dish.

4. Stay overnight on Table Mountain / Cape Town

The overnight hike which begins at Kirstenbosch will offer you the most breathtakingly wild experience, and will satisfy any wild heart with panoramic views from all over Table Mountain. Spend the day out in the wild of Cape Town and then spend the night in the quaint overnight cottage on top of the mountain with all kinds of animals coming to visit you at your doorstep. You’ll not only wake up on top of the Mother City’s great mountain but you’ll feel as if you’ve spent the night in the most beautiful surroundings ever.

5. Break some plates the Greek way / Cape Town

Each month’s last Saturday evening will give you an experience you’ve probably only done by mistake. This traditional, family-run Greek restaurant prepares a menu like no other and invites guests to come and enjoy traditional Greek dancing, great Greek food and… you guessed it, some plate smashing.

6. Put words to paper for a poetry night / Cape Town

A Touch of Madness is a vibrant and renovated house in Observatory that hosts a poetry evening infused with Irish Folk music every Thursday evening. The event itself is called “Off the Wall Poetry” and is bound to test your mysteriousness and style. Anyone who is fascinated by poetry or the written word is welcome to attend and perhaps recite some of your own poetry that you’ve either written as a child and forgotten about or more recent work that you’ve written.

7. Know what coasteering is? / Cape Town

Similar to the concept of “kloofing”, coasteering is swimming, climbing in wetsuits and jumping off of majestic rocks and boulders along protected coastal areas. The crazy Celts from the Emerald Isle and Scotland have pioneered this rough water-sport. Once you’ve climbed and scrambled over rocks and boulders to find the perfect jumping spot (with your helmet fastened) you can jump into the breathtaking coastal waters of the Cape Peninsula and even snorkel among the diverse marine life.


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