10 must-sees of Cape Town

Cape Town overflows with places to discover. Discover with us and in pictures the 10 must-sees of the Mother City for successful holidays with family or friends.

1. Table Mountain

For the hiking lovers, do not hesitate to climb the most famous Mountain of Cape Town. If you have less time, you can also use the Table Mountain Cableway which will easily reach you to the top. According to the weather, it can be open or not, so check before going. It is also quite windy and cold at the top but still sunny, so don’t forget to bring your sunglasses, sunscreen, jacket, scarf and… camera. Indeed, from the top, you overlook the City Bowl which is just splendid!

2. Signal Hill

Also nicknamed “The Body of the Lion” because of its position to Lions Head, it is the smaller mountain surrounding Cape Town, and the top is accessible by car. Located at the nord-west of the mountain range, from the summit, you have a remarkable view on the City Centre and the Altantic Ocean at the same time. It is also one of the best spot to see a wonderful sunset. Many local people and tourists come regularly to attend to this sight.

3. Camps Bay

Camps Bay is the trendy place of Cape Town! Bordered by bars, restaurants, hotels and clubs, this beach offers all you need for entertainment. During the day, some people are surfing or playing volleyball, whereas others are simply sunbathing on the fine sandy beach. At nightfall, it is an ideal place to have drink with friends or have a rest with family, but always enjoying the pleasant view of the seaside.

4. Bo-Kaap

What would be a trip to Cape Town without a visit to the famous colorful houses of Bo-Kaap? Yellow, blue, gree, pink, orange… will make you smile so much bright and flamboyant they are! You can learn the history of this area through the District Six museum and the kindness of the former inhabitants of the neighbourghood working there. They are open-minded, will be glad to tell you their story and make this place even more interesting.

5. Robben Island

The mythic Robben Island automaticaly remind us of Nelson Mandela who spent 18 years of his life. After a short crossing on the Atlantic Ocean, you will board into a bus for a guided tour of the island before a walking tour in the prisonin compny with a former prisoner. If you have seen the movie “Long Walk to Freedom”, this place will remind you things. It is an excellent way to know more about the Appartheid, the South African history and the famous Nelson Mandela.

6. Table View

Table View is located to the north of Cape Town, on the South African West Coast. As its name suggests, it offers the probably most famous view of Table Mountain accross the bay. The mountain looks like an island far from the continent. The scenery is even more incredible at sunset when the sky become red and pinky. Your picture will truely look like postcards! This place is also a spot to practice surf and kitsurf.

7. Langa Township

Townships represent a 20km ring around Cape Town, divided into 4 main areas, and Langa is one of them. It is the oldest formal township of the city. There, you will discover the love of life of its inhabitants, glad to greet you in their home and share a moment in your company, why not around a delicious typical South African meal.

8. Lions Head

No cable to reach you to the top, just your legs, but the view worth it! A lot of people climb this mountain during the afternoon to see the sunset and the starry sky from the top, and go down by night. It is a thrilling experience and the view at the top is absolutely magic. However, remember to never go alone and to well-equiped yourself before starting. If you prefer clim Lions Head during the day, don’t worry, the view is just as fabulous.

9. The Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens

Captonians love to go to this beautiful garden with friends or family. At the foot of the mountains, the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens shows all the diversity of the South African flora. You can just relax on the grass under in sunlight or explore the park. If so, don’t miss the Tree Canopy Walkway which will bring above the trees to discover a magnificent view of the garden. On your way, take time to look a the beautiful birds around you.

10. Clifton beach

Clifton is well-known for its four beaches separated by granite blocks. They have the advantage of being protected from the wind which make them so popular to local people and tourists. Whether for sunbathings, playing frisbee or smply relaxing, each one has its feature. For instance, the fourth one, easiest of access is espacially liked by families.