Top 6 things to Do Around the Cape Peninsula

The Cape Peninsula is the most beautiful place on earth (the locals will vouch for that) and has such a wide variety of activities that no matter your type of holiday you’ll be able to enjoy yourself. From highly adrenalin-fuelled activities to things that will just make you stop and marvel at the beauty of God’s creation, The Cape is the destination for you.

Snorkel with seals on the Cape Peninsula

Seal snorkelling in the Cape Peninsula is a once in a lifetime wildlife experience that you can’t afford to miss. This activity will expose you to the playful aquatic life up close and give you the chance of an intimate encounter with nature. You’re constantly surrounded by majestic Cape Fur Seals that want to play with you. They are attracted to your shiny snorkel equipment and like to jump, body splash and chase after you. The colony of seals that you’ll be snorkelling with is located in one of the most spectacular areas of the Cape Peninsula.


  • all snorkelling equipment
  • a seal guide
  • Showers now available after snorkel
  • educational briefing
  • water, biscuits
  • hot water to pour in your wetsuit after the snorkel.


Seal Snorkelling - Cape Peninsula

Horse riding on the beach

Horse riding on the beach, anyone? Enjoy breathtaking views of Chapman’s Peak and Noordhoek Beach from horseback on this stunning trail that weaves along the coast. Your galloping guide will steer you around the sandy shoreline and into a peaceful valley. Here you’ll get to soak up the beauty of the Cape Peninsula. While on the beach, a short ride will take you to the wonderful Kakapo Pirate shipwreck, which is no ordinary wreck, because when paying out its anchor, the Pirate ship had no choice but to crash into Chapman’s Peak.  The Wreck has therefore been preserved because it’s a great attraction for all visitors to the Cape Peninsula.

Must be a minimum of 12 years of age, No experience required, weigh under 95 kg, wear long pants, closed shoes and a warm top. Arrive 30 mins prior to the ride.

Cape Peninsula - Horse Riding

Dive in and amongst shipwrecks

Divers with a taste for adventure come to the Cape Peninsula waters for the wrecks. The historical ships and boats that are scuttled in these waters are referred to as wrecks. These vessels have been scuttled as an artificial reef since 1972. Just off Hout Bay alone, there are two wrecks, 16 steps and the Batterie Rock. About a 30-minute boat ride from Hout Bay, you will find the 8-metre diving depth boat wreck known as the Vrouenberg. This is one of the largest and most popular wreck dives. The annual memorial dive takes place every year on Good Friday.

Shipwreck Diving - Cape Peninsula

Learn how to stand-up paddle “SUP”

Paddleboarding is essentially standing up on a large surfboard. You will be gliding across the ocean along the Cape Peninsula while feeling the sun on your face and the cool ocean breeze. It’s called many things including but not limited to, paddle surfing, paddle boardin’, stand up paddling (SUP). Whatever you prefer to call it, we can assure you that it’s highly addictive.

You’ll need to bring your own clothes to go paddling in, sunblock and a hat. You might get a bit wet because it’s the ocean, after all, so make sure to bring some extra clothes as well as a towel.

SUP - Cape Peninsula

Climb up the stairs of a lighthouse

The view from the top will take your breath away, as you look down on ships sailing into the harbour. There is a guided tour every 30 minutes. The tour starts at the base of the tower and takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. Climbing a lighthouse along the Cape Peninsula is an experience that must be lived, it will leave you breathless with its stunning views of dark rock cliffs plunging into white foamy seawater below.

Lighthouse - Cape Peninsula

Overnight hiking trails around the Cape Peninsula

If you have ever been camping, you’ll know that sleeping under a starlit sky is an unforgettable experience. The best hiking trails in South Africa are where you can sleep under the stars. So experience nature and wake up refreshed and ready to hike further along the Cape Peninsula.

Hiking - Cape Peninsula

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