Garden Route: 9 Things to do in Wilderness

Going to Wilderness? Do you want to know what you can do there? This is a blog about things that are fun to do during your adventure in Wilderness. It doesn’t matter whether you’re staying at a hotel, going camping, or somewhere in between these two, there is something for everyone.

1. Hire a canoe

At Ebb & Flow Rest Camp in the Wilderness Section of the Garden Route National Park, you have the option to hire a canoe and paddle up the Touw River. This seems like an obvious thing to do when visiting an area such as this. If you’ve paddled even just once before, then there’s no reason not to enjoy the surroundings and paddle leisurely on your own or with friends up to a couple of hours. The Touw River is one of the cleanest rivers in South Africa – it is spring-fed with rain water from local mountains and it certainly feels different than paddling near the coast where most rivers run into the ocean.



2. Hiking

As we all know, the best time to hike is just before the park gates open in the morning as this allows you to take your time and enjoy a long hike. There is the 5km Brown-Hooded Kingfisher Trail, the Half-Collared Kingfisher Trail which is approximately 7km and the Giant Kingfisher Trail which is also 7km.



3. Bird-watching

The Wilderness Lakes are home to more than 250 bird species. That’s a quarter of all the birds that have been recorded in South Africa. And some of those species, like the lilac-breasted roller and the Knysna Loerie, are found nowhere else in the world!



4. Go to the beach

Wilderness feels other worldly, the way it surrounds you with its mountainous back, leaving a wide expanse of sun-warmed beach stretched across your vision. The waves break gently and far away, making the sea that much more inviting. It’s hard not to feel at home.



5. Hoekwil Country Café

The Hoekwil Country Café is an old building on the outskirts of Wilderness. It was voted the best in the country by a local magazine a while ago. The coffee is excellent and so are the baked cheesecake (with peaches or raspberries) and several of the other desserts.



6. Whale-watching

Whales have been visiting the Cape waters for thousands of years, and there is a chance that you will be lucky enough to see one or two! If you are keen on viewing them, you can do so while on a boat with Ocean Odyssey, which offers tours that last about 2 excellent hours.



7. Feel some adrenalin

Eden Adventures have a “start anywhere” philosophy. This means you can select the activity that best suits your experience level, fitness level and time available. Eden Adventures offer kloofing, abseiling and paragliding for both beginners and thrill seekers  and they are the people to help you with kloofing and abseiling.



8. Outeniqua Farmer’s Market

It boasts just over 150 stalls, on each Saturday morning during the regular market season. These vendors sell a variety of foods, including southern products such as fresh fruit and veg, honey, cheese and hand-made crafts. There are also entertainment options for the kids to enjoy, with fun rides and pony rides. If you’re looking for some fresh air after a day strolling the gardens in Wilderness, then why not come along to the Outeniqua Farmers Market?

9. Garden Route National Park

The Wilderness Area of the Garden Route National Park in South Africa is one of the top locations for hikers in the world. Consisting of 72 000 hectares, it is a paradise for adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts. The area is one of the most ecologically diverse areas in South Africa with a variety of landscapes, including dense indigenous forests, mountain ridges and isolated sand dunes. A network of trails take you through some of these natural wonders.


Pass through or stop in Wilderness, it won’t be a bad idea given all the splendid activities you can do. Or come for a while longer by booking an easy tour with us at You most definitely won’t regret it.