5 activities with foreign friends in Cape Town

Cape Town is a city where we are not bored! Whether you are a true Capetonian or an expatriate living here since several months, it is often difficult to know what to show to foreign friends in Cape Town. Let’s see 5 essential activities to do with them.

1. Climb Table Mountain


It is of course a must see in Cape Town! Table Mountain is the symbol of the city and one of its best attractions. You can choose to reach the top thanks to the cableway, but the best is to hike to the top. Once to the flat mountain, you will feel so proud to yourselves and enjoy even more the stunning view.

There are several paths to climb Table Mountain, choose the one you want according to your wishes and your physical abilities. Above all, check the weather before going and if the cableway is open if you don’t want to walk for the descent.

Table Mountain

At the top, you can learn a lot about the South African flora and fauna, thanks to educational posters. If you prefer, you can also choose to hike on the summit to have aerial views of places around Cape Town and not only the City Centre. It will be a memorable day for sure!

2. Wander at the around the Neighbourgoods Market

Neighbourgoods Market

Old Biscuit Mill

Located in Woodstock, at the Old Biscuit Mill, the Neighbourgoods Market is a perfect place to take the time to stroll in a hippy atmosphere with friends.

In the first part of the market, in the premises of the Old Biscuit Mill, you will find nice shop to buy try scraves, jewels, taste wine and even discover an art gallery among many other things. The industrial style of the building gives a modern touch at the place, especially thanks to the surprising metal fountain.

3. Spend an evening in Long Street

Long Street nightlife

How show around Cape Town without a walk in Long Street? The best is to arrive during the afternoon to go for a stroll into shops. Little by little, see the street liven up, the music from the bars becoming louders and clubs opening.

Restaurant Mama Africa

You can also take advantage of the evening in long street to eat at Mama Africa, one of the most famous restaurant in the street. It is a fantastic opportunity to let your friends discover the African food in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Then, according to your desires, you can choose to have a drink in one a the numerous bars or dance in a club until the end of the night!

4. Surfing and beaching at Muizenberg



During the winter, South Africa is one of the best place for surfing, especially Muizenberg, a city located 1-hour driving southwards from Cape Town. Even if the Atlantic Ocean is always a bit cold, wear a wetsuit and face the waves with your surboard. After, you will be able to have some rest on the beach next tot the typical beach houses or get together for a drink in one of the several establishment in front of the sea.

If it is your first time, don’t worry, a lot of places propose surf lessons to teach you how to brave the sea! It is hard to ride a wave the first time, but the sensations in the sea are unrivalled, thrill guaranteed!

5. Buy souvenirs at the Greenmarket Square

Greenmarket Square

Greenmarket Square is the place to go to buy typical South African souvenirs. Scarves, mugs, dresses, painting,… you can find everything there. However, let your friends know that they will have to bargain if they want to buy something, it is not always an easy task!

If can can, choose to go there on Saturday morning, artists like musicians or jugglers like to join the crowd. It is also not rare to see children dancing in streets around. They are really impressive show which make a festive atmosphere.

These are 5 typical activities to do with your friends, but everyone know that the Mother City as so much to offer that they are just a glimpse of its wealth.