One Day in Cape Town

Cape Town is a city where you can always find activities to do! Whether with family or friends, during the summer or the winter, there is something for everyone. If your are not afraid to wake up early in the morning and live an intensive day until sundown, let us show you our selection of 5 activities to do in one day in Cape Town!

1. NeighbourGoods Market

Located in Woodstock and open every Saturday from 9h00 to 14h00, the NeighourGoods Market is the perfect place to start the day in a joyous and relaxed atmosphere. Surrounded by local people and curious tourists, discover specialities from all over the world: Asian ravioli, French crêpes, Wraps, Smoothies, Wines and of course South African Biltong. In the middle of a true melting pot, appreciate a good meal served with smile.

Just next, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Old Biscuit Mill where you can now find little shops with clothes, jewels, tableware and many other South African products.

2. Two Oceans Aquarium

It is along the South African coast, at the Cap Agulhas that the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet. Since more than 20 years, the Two Ocean Aquarium shows the whole diversity and wealth of this feature. Sharks, turtles, penguins, jellyfishes and many other species are split into several areas.

Both funny and very educational, this place will give adults and children real pleasure. You can touch anemones and sea stars, observe the smallest organism under a microscope and even be like immersed in the ocean thaks to a tunnel surrounded by water.

3. Green Point Park

The Green Point Park is one on the best spots to relax and why not enjoy a picnic. Located between the mountain and a stone’s throw from Mouille Point, it offers an ideal scenery and paths to go for a walk. The view is stunning with the stadium in the background, a golf course and a few stretches of water.

Children will especially appreciate the great streches of grass where they can run and play together, while others will enjoy the peacefullness of the area. In short, this is a perfect place to have some rest at the beginning of the afternoon.

4. Sea Point Promenade

After the Green Point Park, nothing is better than the sea air to wake up! Only 5 minute walking from the parc, the Sea Point Promenade starts next to the red and white Green Point Lighthouse, built in 1824 and ends at Bantry Bay. It is a long path that you can choose to do walking or by bike.

If you are lucky enough, during the winter, between July and November, you can even see whales on the horizon. They come to give birth to their calves and don’t hesitaite to greet passer-by sometimes.

5. Sunset at Camps Bay

From the Sea Point Promenade, still following the coast southwards, you will arrive to Camps Bay. At the foot of the Twelve Apostles Mountain Range, just one thing to do, look at the horizon to see the sky becoming red and orange until the sunset. It is so beautiful and relaxing after an intensive day!

You can choose to appreciate the scenery from the beach or seated on the terrasse of one of the numerous café and restaurant along the area. Whatever your choice, it will be a pleasing moment with family or friends.