What to Pack for Your Cape Town Safari

Let’s say you’re heading to Cape Town for an exciting safari in one of the most diverse cities in the world. You’ve packed your swimsuits, camera gear and sunscreen, but how should you dress? What is appropriate clothing for a Cape Town Safari? How does a first-time safari goer dress? It’s only natural to want your first experience at a safari destination to be perfect. New travellers often worry about what to wear on their Cape Town Safari, and what equipment to bring. While researching the “right stuff,” it’s easy to become intimidated by insider terms (does anyone know what a “buffalo bar” is?) and cryptic misinformation (don’t believe everything you read about camouflage). To keep you from looking foolish in front of those who know better, here are some quick pointers for dressing for a safari.

So, while it’s true that there are four seasons in Cape Town, you should dress up for a safari just like any other adventurer. In this blog post, we are going to talk about what you should wear on a Cape Town Safari.

DO: Pack clothes that can be worn multiple ways

Packing light on a safari is almost a must because of the space you want to leave for souvenirs. This means that you should pack base-layer clothing as well as pants that zip-off at the knees so that you don’t waste space on long pants as well as shorts for when it gets warmer. Try to pack clothes that can be worn multiple times, day after day at camp. Most camps do have laundry service but dryers aren’t so common, so try to pack light and thin fabrics that dry quickly.

DON’T: Pack jeans or delicate materials

If you’re planning a trip to South Africa, your time in the country will be much more comfortable if you take a few precautions. Good jeans are difficult to dry when you’re in transit and flannel shirts tend to attract pesky tsetse flies. A lightweight solid-coloured fleece is a much better option for cool weather.

Jeans Cape Town Safari

DO: Pack light-coloured clothing

There are a number of factors to consider when deciding what you’re going to wear on your cape town safari. While most important considerations lie in the weather pattern and temperature, you’ll want to be prepared for those elements in a comfortable manner. For your safari clothing, you’ll want to bring clothes designed for the hot climate of Cape Town, so try to pack lightweight, light-coloured clothes (Avoiding white).  Also, try your best not to pack dark blue and black shirts because both of these colours attract tsetse flies.

DON’T: Wear animal prints on your Cape Town Safari

Because you want to take photos of real animals and not look like them, avoid wearing animal prints! If you prefer to wear your heart on your sleeve, then you might want to rethink your love of animal print. Why? There could be a good reason why every zoo and wildlife refuge has banned clothing with stripes, dots, and other loud prints.

Animal Print Cape Town Safari

DO: Leave expensive items and electronics at home

Safari is the heart and soul of every trip to Africa. As you might imagine, there are many important precautions to keep in mind when packing for a Cape Town safari or a wild game drive. Many of the greatest safari tours are located close to South Africa’s underdeveloped communities, meaning that your electronics might just be safer at home. It would also be better to leave these items at home if you’re going to be advocating for a eco-friendly safari.

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