7 Tips to Consider on Your Cape Town Safari

If you are thinking about going on a safari while on holiday in Cape Town, you should definitely consider a Cape Town Safari. Whether its the flora and fauna, the various geographical formations or simply the vastness of it all that appeals to you, a Cape Town Safari is a must. This article is designed to assist you with helpful tips, making sure your experience is as memorable as possible.

1. No shouting

When visiting animals on a safari, it is important to keep in mind that we are just guests in their home. They are not domesticated but rather free. Wildlife is inquisitive by nature and will naturally approach when curious. Being loud, waving your arms, or yelling is upsetting the animal and could throw him off his natural behaviour.

Cape Town Safari

2. Dress the part

Safari clothes aren’t just for fun; they actually serve a real purpose in the African bush. Safari clothing should be comfortable, blend in with the environment and hold up to the elements of Africa. For an authentic-looking African safari, bring along khaki clothing, which is what many professional hunters wear on their hunts.

3. Wake up early on your Cape Town Safari

If you want to capture that perfect picture of the animals, then you need to be out there early, observing and taking pictures as they wake from their slumber. It might seem daunting but once you get up and conquer your first morning you will gain the benefits that come with it. Not only will you be out there capturing those perfect moments, but you’ll also gain a respect for the animals that will have one of them staring back at you from your game vehicle.

Cape Town Safari

4. Become familiar with sundowners

A safari day is never short of its fair share of excitement, but nothing beats the thrill of the sunset moment. The sundowner ritual is a South African custom, and we’re guessing you’ve had to wait for your chance to participate in the ritual during your safari days. Sundowners are drinks that are had while watching the slow sunset.

Cape Town Safari

5. Bring binoculars with you on your Cape Town Safari

Binoculars can be used for a variety of activities, but the most common use for binoculars is bird watching. If you are going on safari, you’ll want to invest in some great binoculars to see what kind of animals you might encounter while also being able to pick out details so that you can remember them later without having to carry a camera with you all the time.

6. You can never ask too many questions

Have you ever travelled somewhere and been afraid to ask questions because you thought that no one there would understand your accent? Or perhaps, you are afraid to say the wrong thing? The best way to get the most out of your safari is to ask questions. You can’t be a good safari guest if you don’t have questions, and your guide will surely appreciate your interest.

7. Tip your guide

Safari guides are a wealth of knowledge that they enjoy sharing with the guests. A good guide is always on duty and ready to help with any questions. A safari guide can usually be found with binoculars or a spotting scope in hand. Indoors, or at night, a guide is never without a book that contains descriptions of the animals and plants that live in his/her environment. They work very hard to make sure that you are always safe and as close as possible to the wild animals in order to take photos and ask questions.

(A standard guideline for tipping is $10-$15 per person, per day for your guide)


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