What to Pack For Your Cape Town Safari

It’s been quite a while since you first heard you’re going on a Cape Town safari, now the time is here, and you’ll have to pack. Other than your phone which is an obvious thing to take with, what else will you pack?

Below is a list of 10 things to pack for your special Cape Town Safari experience:

1. If you take prescription medication 


Not everyone takes prescription medication, but for those who do, remember to pack it in your hand luggage instead of in your check-in bag because if your check-in bag gets lost you’re going to be in a lot of trouble.

2. Ticket, passport, itinerary, travel insurance as well as any other essential documents


It would be an absolute disaster if you were to forget one of the above items.

3. Sunglasses, hat and sunblock 


Always be sure to pack in two pairs of sunglasses in case the one pair happens to break. If you wear prescription glasses then don’t forget to pack those in too. Make sure that you know that the African sun beats down quite hard, so make sure that you pack in lip balm, sunblock,  a hat and long sleeves.


4. Binoculars and camera 


Most people take their cameras or their phones, completely forgetting to take their binoculars with, which will be a great disappointment when you see an animal or a bird far away from the game vehicle.

5. Clothes and toiletries

Layers are key: 

  1. Blouse or shirt, long sleeves and collars
  2. Jacket
  3. Some khaki trousers
  4. Boots and thick long socks
  5. Hat
  6. Open sandals
  7. Sarong
  8. Swimsuit
  9. A casual outfit for hotels
  10. Rain jacket
  11. All your undergarments

 6. Odd Stuff 




Remember to take your torch. It can become pitch black in your tents outside in the evening under the stars.

7. Hand luggage 

Take only essential things with in your hand luggage. Bear in mind not to pack any liquids, flammables or sharp object.