Safari’s Near Cape Town – Top 5 Places to Go To

Is there any better way to enjoy South Africa than by going on a safari? One thing is that the Cape Town climate will be very different form the African bush, but some prefer it this way. You’ll still be able to see the big 5 up close: the lion, buffalo, leopard, elephant and rhino which roam around in their wonderfully large and  respective game reserves, just a few hours from the city.

1. Fairy Glen Private Game Reserve – Safari

Safari / Elephant

If you’re looking for a game reserve which boasts the big 5 within an hour from the city, then Fairy Glen Private Game Reserve is the place to visit. It isn’t as big as most reserves but will definitely give you the full experience. With a great lodge for those who wish to stay over and a restaurant for those who get hungry during the day, this game reserve certainly doesn’t lack anything.

2.  Garden Route Game Lodge – Safari

Safari / Leopard

A bit further away, up along the east coast is the Garden Route Game Lodge, which is about a 4-hour drive from the city. It has a very informative reptile centre, the big 5, as well as a cheetah conservation centre. You can also choose your overnight experience from the following options: chalets, lodge rooms, suites and even family rooms.

3. Aquila Private Game Reserve – Safari

Safari / Buffalo

Just 2 hours away from the Mother City in the Klein Karoo is Aquila Private Game Reserve. This is definitely one of the most popular out of all the game reserves near Cape Town. You can decide whether you want to do the traditional game drive or experience your safari on horseback which is quite popular. You can visit for the day or stay over night in one of Aquila’s beautiful chalets.

4. Inverdoorn Game Reserve – Safari

Safari / Lion

Who would have thought that you can see the big 5 just 2 hours away from the Mother City? Well known for their cheetah rehabilitation and conservation is Inverdoorn Game Reserve. The park is 10000 hectares and boasts unique walks with giraffes.

5. Sanbona Wildlife Reserve – Safari 

Safari / Rhino

Also home to the big 5 is another famous game reserve in the Karoo. Known for its luxury, you will definitely enjoy your experience at Sanbona Wildlife Reserve. One of the only reserves that have the rare white lion. Whether you want 5 star accommodation or luxury tents, Sanbona has it all.


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