Garden Route: 6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Swellendam

One of the finest stops along the Garden Route is Swellendam. If you’ve never been to Swellendam, then this article might be the encouragement you need. Caught up between the great Langeberg mountains and the Breede River, Swellendam has a heap of things to do. It is situated approximately 220km from both Cape Town and George and lies waiting for more visitors.

1. Romantic Getaway

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway with your partner, then Swellendam is definitely a place to visit. With great mountains toppling over the quaint guesthouses,  Swellendam is definitely the place to be on honeymoon or anniversary. Feel free to go on quiet and mesmerising hikes in the Marloth Nature reserve where you’ll be able to spot many waterfalls in the Winter months. You can also take your lover to a nice restaurant for dinner at a few of the available restaurants.


2. Nature & Hikes

There’s nothing more beautiful than watching the sunset on your way back to where you staying while on a hike in the Marloth Nature Reserve. These hikes are filled with the epitome of nature which share in the green foliage drinking the rain in the winter months and remain green during the summer months as well.

Being surrounded by nature on one of these hikes are truly awe-inspiring, especially at the right times. We can almost guarantee that whoever you are, whether a tourist from overseas or a local visitor, you won’t want to leave Swellendam.


3. Luxurious overnight stays

Swellendam has some of the most luxurious places to stay in ranging from Eco Treehouses to Forest Greenhouses where one can stay in. You’ll definitely not regret staying over in “Swellies”. Below are a few great places you’ll be able to stay in while visiting that you won’t want to leave: Rotterdam Guest Farm, Hermitage Eco Treehouse, Forest Greenhouse, AfriCamps at Kam’Bati, Stonewall River Lodge and much more.

4. Drostdy Museum

Built by the Dutch East India Company in 1747, it used to serve as the official headquarters for the Landdrost. Later becoming a gaol and then a house for the secretary. Now, one of the oldest buildings in South Africa, it opens itself up  as a beautiful museum for people to visit and learn about the town of Swellendam. Also note that some of the best coffee shops are within walking distance from the museum, so when you’re finished browsing through history from the 1700’s, feel free to go for lunch at the Republic restaurant just across the road.

5. Horse Riding

Swellendam is definitely one of the best places to go horse riding given the wide open spaces and breathtaking scenery. There are at least three great options that border the town of Swellendam each with their own gifts to give. Hermitage Horses is a place where you can ride a horse with access to the Langeberg mountains. With Two Feathers Horse Trails you can ride through forests along the foothills of the mountains and with Equine Encounters & Trail Rides, you can also enjoy magnificent scenery as well as learn new skills with regards to riding horses.

6. The Faerie Sanctuary

Swellendam invites you to once again become a child and visit the Faerie Sanctuary in Swellendam. Here you can tip-toe through the paradisal garden of nomes. This beautiful place of faeries is the home of creative sculptors and potters, Ian and Minky Sulin. It is shared with all. So come and become children with your children in this Swellendam wonderland.

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