Garden Route: The Eco Treehouse

Treat yourself along the Garden Route, because we don’t think Johan intended to design a mere treehouse, we think he decided to design his dream. Something that could be complemented by roaming horses and the great Langeberg mountain range.

What can be felt by this space is in the true sense of the meaning, an intimate nest, completely off the grid and in the poetics of space, a true dwelling. The Eco Treehouse offers the perfect break from a city-bound existence to something that can be felt within the realm of romance.

Situated on a beautiful smallholding in the Hermitage Valley of Swellendam, this structure lends itself to the morning mist that dedicates itself to the sound of birds that bless the area. A wooden masterpiece to be enjoyed by you and your partner.

Eco Treehouse

The perfect space to work away from the city

If you’re looking for the perfect space to sit down, open your laptop and begin to type, far away from the sounds of the bustling city, then this is definitely a place that should be ticked off  your bucket list. The Eco Treehouse comes fixed with speedy wifi and the exact mood for your concentration to take prevalence.

We would wake up to the smell of the mountains and melodic birdsong in order to start our day of peaceful and uninterrupted work.

A place to reconnect with nature on the Garden Route

Eco Treehouse

The Eco Treehouse gave us the opportunity to fall in love with what we’ve longed for while staying in the city. There is something magical about the Hermitage Valley that calls you back to your natural roots, giving you the opportunity to take in the varying hues of each unique sunset and sunrise. This is a place that inevitably calls you home from whichever concrete jungle you’ve been staying in.

If you want together in touch with something natural, you have the opportunity to wake up early and go for a walk through the mysterious mist. You also have the opportunity to go and do some yoga by the dam, and with each breath, meditating on the given ground, enjoying what the animals enjoy.

Hike the surrounding trails

The nature reserve that surrounds this gorgeous place is filled with many hikes to do. Offering a varying range of difficulty, there is something for everyone on the mountainous trails of Swellendam starting from the water pool of Duiwelsbos which can easily be hiked along with a toddler, to the more difficult “12uur kop” hike which when summited, you’ll able to see all the way to the ocean from an overwhelming distance.

Enjoy the treehouse

Eco Treehouse

You will inevitably want to enjoy the treehouse once you’ve settled in. Along with a great gas braai which can be used to cook on for your partner and sit outside until the sun sinks comes a wonderful wood-fired hot tub which you and your partner can relax in, gazing up at the well-lit night sky after a delicious meal.

The treehouse also includes a sauna that you can use before taking a hot outside shower surrounded by breathtaking views of the Langeberg mountains. With a dam to swim in on hot days, and fans fitted inside the treehouse. You’ll be staying in organic luxury.

So if you’re mesmerised by the descriptions of this place and are thinking of taking a trip up the Garden Route, make sure you follow this link to book a stay in The Eco Treehouse.

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