Route 62: 7 Things to Do
Route 62 cars

Welcome to the highway that is the equivalent to the iconic Route 66 in America. Our Route 62 boasts incredible places to stop and majestic Karoo scenery. A definite must when driving inland is to drive along this route because of all of the unique experiences waiting for you. In this blog post we will be highlighting some of the most iconic stops on this road, ranging from ostrich riding to tasting some of the best food.

1. Meerkat Magic

This is a conservation and research project that delves into how these wonderful meerkats live, by using techniques to gain their trust without taming them. Visitors can learn the language of these meerkats, play with them and even join in a grooming session. Or if you prefer, just watch and snap pictures of them.

Route 62

2. Cango caves

Take your pick. You can try the heritage tour or the adventure tour. They both have the same starting part but not the same ending point. The heritage tour is a little more safer, might even be more interesting to some, but we definitely recommend the adventure tour to all because of the tight squeezes that boosts your adrenalin as well as the crannies that you’ll have to enter into.

Route 62

3. Ronnie’s sex shop

The name came about after Ronnie, the owner painted his name on the wall of the cottage next to the road. Legend has it that a few days later, his friends played a prank on him by painting the words “sex shop” next to his name. After quite an angered response from  Ronnie he decided to just leave the name there as Ronnie’s Sex Shop. But it’s anything but a sex shop, in fact it’s very cozy pub where you can have a drink and chat about your different stories while driving through the Karoo.

4. Ostriches

Oudtshoorn was once a bustling centre of ostrich farming which was the main source of income for the valley. The town Oudtshoorn is called the ostrich capital of the world today because of the many ostrich farms. Visitors are welcome in the ostrich farms where they can learn a lot about these birds and even interact with them.


5. Boere bistro

This bistro in Montagu is a place that can very quickly transform into a great dance area on selected evenings. They would take the chairs and tables out of the café and start turning the music up to dance to which sounds like a lot of fun for those who are adventurous spirits at heart.

6. Montagu country hotel

If you’re into American retro cars then this is definitely the place to go and visit along Route 62. IF you’re on a road trip along Route 62 in the semi-desert area of the Klein Karoo then make sure to book a spin in one of their many vintage cars. If you book a drive in one of these cars then make a stop in the famous Barrydale where you can eat like an American after stepping out of an all-American car.

Route 62 cars

7. Hell

Okay, the place is actually called Die Hel. It’s a beautiful valley in the great Gamkakloof. Up until 1963 it was only accessible by foot until a road was built winding down the Swartberg pass into this valley. If you’re up for it you can also go for hikes around this wonderful place.


So if this is one of the highways that you imagine yourself taking by feeling a little American, then make a Cape  Town Safari booking with us where you can enter into the Klein Karoo with Route 62 by clicking on this link: