6 Things to Consider Before Going on a Safari in Cape Town
Safari in Cape Town

Have you ever thought about going on a Safari in Cape Town before? Well, let us tell you the reasons why you should go. You’ll be amazed to know about the beautiful wildlife that hang around there, and how enjoyable your safari can be, if you just follow one or two rules. We’ve made it a point to help you out with some of the things that you should be aware of before going on a safari in Cape Town. Imagine sitting inside your car and going through a lot of animals around you while having fun with your friends and family. Just imagine how beautiful it could be! But there are some things that you should consider before going on your safari and that’s why we’ve put this blog together for you.

1. How many guests are in a vehicle

The only way you can enjoy the safari is if you are there. However, if you have a wife or husband, children or an elderly  family member, then ask for vehicle considerations based on your situation. There are many safari lodges that will take those factors in consideration and then talk to their driver to see if they can accommodate. The last thing you want to do  is end up being in the middle seat on each safari drive without being able to see the animals properly.

Safari in Cape Town

2. Don’t think that the Kruger is always the best

It’s a cliche but it’s true that “bigger isn’t always better”. Kruger national park is the most famous wildlife reserve in South Africa and a lot of people would say that you should head to this park for the experience of a lifetime. But true safari experiences can often be found at the smaller reserves. If you are a backpacker, then you will know that it isn’t always about the bigger, the better when it comes to travel. When it comes to adventure travel, actively search for the safari experience which provides the most authentic encounters in the smallest areas of land and closest to nature.

Safari in Cape Town

3. Budget or luxury

We’re not sure if it’s ever crossed your mind, but what ever happened to the good old-fashioned days of ‘African safaris” when the destination was not artificial, too overcrowded or likely to be packed out? Today, I think an increasing number of travellers have lost a sense of discovery on these once magical safaris. Sometimes the most precious safaris will be budget-friendly safaris, those that are smaller and less crowded.

4. Choose your guide wisely

What’s worse than being assigned a guide that isn’t really into their job? A guide who doesn’t take the time to make sure you have what you need, or to point out the best places to hike when exploring the area. A guide that doesn’t know much about the trails, yet insists on describing the entire trip? The magic lies in choosing a good and knowledgeable guide.

Safari in Cape Town

5. Tipping on a Safari in Cape Town

Probably the biggest chunk of change in your budget should be devoted to tips. Many nationalities, particularly Europeans, don’t have tipping ingrained in them. They’ll pay very close attention to the bill that guides or drivers present, deducting everything from the final amount before they fork over the cash to make sure their bill is accurate. Then, once on safari, they might not budget extra for tipping their driver and guide.

6. Laundry

Resorts normally make use of laundry in order to earn money. They’ll often ask for money when wanting to iron your clothes too, so be sure to check out what kind of laundry facilities each resort has before you book your trip.

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