8 Things to Expect on Your Cape Town Safari
Game Drive - Cape Town Safari

Now that you’ve decided to tick Cape Town Safari off your bucket list and go on a safari it’s important to know what to expect. This will ensure you have the best possible experience and get the best out of your trip while in Cape Town.

1. Late evenings and early wake-up calls

Up with the birds and out on the road with your Cape Town safari guide. The early mornings are game viewing at its best because the days are clear. What makes this time of the day so wonderful is that there aren’t many people around. There’s a reason why you get up in the dark to set off on a Cape Town game drive. The first rays of the sun will illuminate your way and provide you with the best opportunity to spot the Big Five in all their glory.

Early Cape Town Safari

2. Getting up close with animals on your Cape Town  Safari

Be prepared to sit in an open vehicle with the chance of  experiencing wild animals walking around the vehicle you’re sitting in. They might even walk so close to your vehicle that you will want to touch them – but rather keep your hands to yourself.

Lion - Cape Town Safari

3. You’ll want to leave the vehicle

The rush and sudden excitement might be so overwhelming that you will want to leave the vehicle and just go touch or walk with these “seemingly tame” animals. Rather don’t. It’s very important that you stay in the car at all times. Even if you want to take some close-up photos.

4. There will be no toilets in the wild

Game drives normally last for about 3 hours when trying to find different animals. In this time  you’ll in the bush and there won’t be toilets available to you, so rather prepare yourself and go to the toilet before you begin your game drive in the morning. Don’t drink too much water on your game drive. If you really need to go and you hear nature calling, then your ranger or guide will stop  for you to get out. If a big animal approaches you, remember to always stand your ground,

5. Your guide will be entertaining

African guides are a great source of information about the animals that you come across, as well as interesting stories. They normally have a lot of stories about their encounters and the experiences in the bush. A good question to ask  your guide is, “what was the most interesting experience or most dangerous experience you’ve had in the bush before?” They may not even stop  talking about it after you’ve asked them.

6. You won’t be able to see the Big 5 on every game drive

Some days you’re lucky and see all the big five, sometimes it’s just one or two. It all depends on luck in the wild, and often luck is what it comes to with these animals. There’s no such thing as a guaranteed safari, but there are several ways to improve your chances of seeing elephants, rhinos and cheetahs. A number of factors affect creatures’ visibility rates, including weather and the time of year.

7. Game drives are bumpy

Let’s face it: game drives are bumpy. This is especially the case if you’re on an open vehicle, and even more so if it’s one of those really open ones.

Game Drive - Cape Town Safari

8. Game drives get cold

Although most game drives take place early morning and late afternoon, it can get quite cold during the middle of the day as you travel in an open Landrover at a fair amount of speed. So, always carry a jacket along.


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